Nuova brochure Motorsport

Brochure motorsport 2018

Brochure Motorsport available in electronic format and printed in thousands of copies showing all the sensors made and developed for Motorsport division, including all the products available for on board...

Online new website

FAMA Engineering is proud to announce the launch of the new web site with a completely renewed graphic interface: all refurbished, with captivating graphics, easy to reach content and a series of novelties that will follow soon...

Our brand is with you, every day

USB stick, Power Bank and Notebook / Agenda: FAMA Engineering is with you also thanks to the gadget you can use every day. A limited edition touch of class.

Baumer ultrasound sensors

FAMA Engineering sells sensors and components for different uses in the industrial fields. Among the latest innovations available with us, there are the Baumer ultrasonic sensors, high quality products provided with different kind of support.