The most versatile data acquisition system based on USB and EtherCAT standards. Cutting-edge technology for every kind of signal and transducer.

KRYPTON data acquisition systems are born to work in-field applications connecting, if needed, many different units installed close to a wide variety of sensors. And all of this linking, powering and synchronizing using just a single cable based on EtherCAT standard protocol.
All the DEWESOFT advantages available in other more conventional configurations (plug and play, automatic sensor recognition) are present also for KRYPTON layouts, but even more flexible for in-field applications.

Krypton modules are very robust. Born to work in-field applications: anodized aluminium case, industrial grade electronic sealed with high quality ruber gasket.
All of them allow to achieve the following three premium standards:

-IP67 Protection Grade
-Shock resistance up to 100 g
-Working temprature range from -40°C up to +85°C

Input Channels: 1, 3, 4, 8, 16 per each module
Input technologies: Analog, Digital, Thermocouple, LVDT, Wheatstone Bridges, etc.
A/D Technology: 24 bit
Sampling Rate: up to 20 MHz (single channel module up to 40 MHz)
Interface: EtherCAT
Temperature Range: da -40°C a +85°C
Protection Grade: IP67
Shock Resistance: up to 100 g

Data Sheet

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