Hall Effect angular potentiometer Dual Output

The Euro-XP Rotary Hall Effect Sensor offers a customisable angle and electrical output characteristic (programmable by Variohm). It is a redundant sensor which means you can use two output signals, increasing safety or convenience.
With a working temperature range up to 125°C, the rugged Euro-XP Rotary Hall Effect Sensor is competition vehicle proven and is sealed to IP67. It is ideal for gearbox, steering, throttle and suspension applications.

Measuring Range: 30° to 360°
Dual output channels
Temperature range: -40 to 125°C
Analog output: 0,5-4,5V (5%-95% Ratiometric)
No-contact, Hall-effect technology
Wear free – unlimited mechanical life
Simple mounting, low-profile design
5V ±5V Power supply
Fail-safe outputs
Sealing up to IP67

Data Sheet

PDF Data Sheet

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