Inductive sensor with external electronic, range up to 500 mm

Precise and reliable for tough applications in building applications,country applications, forklifts, wood industry and all the applications really high demanding for vibrations, shocks, temperature and high number of cycles. Power supply at 5 VDC or 9-30 VDC and outputs (0,5-4,5 V or digital PWM) are electrically separated and put on a 6-pin connector model AMP or Deutsch to achieve protection grade IP67/IP68.. The measuring range is programmable in factory from range 0-20° up to 0-360° in 1° steps. Additionally the sensor has a low noise, temperature range from -40°C up to 140°C. The mounting is by flanges with steel inserts. SRH220DR may substitute standard potentiometers. Output can be programmed for clockwise or counterclockwise output.

Strokes Available: 0-20°, 0-360° in step di 1°
Power Supply: 5 VDC, 9-30 VDC
Output: 0,5-4,5VDC, PWM
Linearity: 0,4%
Working Temperature: from -40°C to +140°C
Protection Grade: IP68 connettore AMP oppure Deutsch

Data Sheet

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