Cable actuated sensor SK1-250-3

Cable Actuated Sensor up to 6400 mm (250 in) for industrial applications, with Voltage and Current (2-wire) output, and IP 67 grade protection.

Cable Actuated Sensor for distance measuring up to 6400 mm (250 in), voltage divider output signal

Measuring range: 6400 mm (250 in)
Resolution: essentially infinite
Accuracy: 0,35% FS
Repeatibility: 0,05% FS
Recommended Maximum Input Voltage: 30 V (AC/DC)
Power ratings: 2,0 W (70°F)
Output Signal FS: 94% ±4% of V(+in)
Cycle Life: >250.000
Current Consumption (no load): 35 mA
Maximum Cable Velocity: 1,5 m/s (60 in/s)
Cable Tension: 6,4 N (23 oz.) ±40%
Working Temperature: -25°C to +85°C
Protection Grade: IP67

Data Sheet

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