Heating blanket for drums

Electrical heating blanket for barrels/drums starting from 15 liters (4 Gallons) up to 200 liters (55 Gallons)

Electrical heating blanket for barrels/drums, starting from 15 liters (4 Gallons) up to 200 liters (55 Gallons)

Typically used in low temperature environment, in order to warm at correct temperature the working materials and to keep at fluid state the lubricants and oils, or similar materials.
Temperature controlled by Thermostat or Electronic Thermoregulator
Manufactured with High quality materials and with high durability and resistance performance (flame-retardant, self-extinguishing, water-proof, etc.).
To match all the needs, those Heating Blankets might be customized and built with different power supply, different connectors/ plugs and as well in different external material (e.g. PVC for food applications or research centre, water-repellent polyester for outdoor applications, etc.)

Available Models:

  • S – from 15 l to 35 l drums (Diameter range from 270 to 300 mm – Dimensions: 1000 x 300 mm)
  • M – from 50 l to 60 l drums (Diameter range from 300 to 400 mm – Dimensions: 1300 x 550 mm)
  • L – from 100 l to 200 l drums (Diameter range from 450 to 600 mm – Dimension 1950 x 850 mm)


  • External cover: waterproof polyester
  • Internal cover: fireproof fiberglass with silicon coat
  • Color: blue (others on request)
  • Lock: velcro M/F
  • Heating cable: PTFE double isolation
  • Power-supply: 230 Vac 50 Hz (110 Vac 60 Hz on request)
  • Connection to power supply: PVC cable L = 1 m. + Industrial 16A plug
  • Working temperature: max 70°C (others on request)
  • Temperature control: Bi-metallic thermostat/Digital temperature controller
  • Protection grade: IP55
  • User manual: included

Data Sheet

PDF Data Sheet

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