Based on the request coming from the filed during the years, FAMA engineering pave the path to offer an exhaustive acoustic service, merging the GRAS microphones offer already available in the portfolio. A service focused on support our partners with an advantage in finding solutions to the noise impact evaluation and measurement

and in the fulfillment of regulatory obligations, speeding up processes and ensuring maximum competence. The service covers the main fields of application of acoustics in the world of work, offering an high standard service based on experience and skills.

In detail, the service covers the following fields:

Industrial Acoustics Building Acoustics Environmetal Acoustics Sound Level Meter measurements
exposure to workers’ noise (Legislative Decree 81 of 9 April 2008) evaluations and support during the design phase assessments of climate and noise impact campaigns of ante/post operam measurements
certification of sound power levels of machinery in production line or finished products acoustic tests for certification of compliance with the legal limit values acoustic monitoring campaigns noise measurements in the workplace
scenario analysis with Simulation models and GIS software environmental measurements
building acoustics measurements

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