All you have to know about FAMA Engineering world

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What is FAMA Engineering?

FAMA Engineering is a lean and efficient company focused on customer needs. Its team of engineers manages efficiently and professionally the numerous and varied demands of its customers. The numerous application cases resolved and the ever-increasing number of satisfied customers are for FAMA Engineering a pretext for pride.

What does FAMA Engineering do?

FAMA Engineering is an engineering consultancy company able to meet and respond to all those companies looking for support and a solution in the field of measurement and related analysis.

In which markets does FAMA Engineering operate?

Consultancy and supply instrumentation apply to various fields, such as NVH, Automotive, Transportation, Aerospace, Electronics, through the study and engineering of solutions tailored to the needs of the customer

How can FAMA Engineering help my company?

FAMA Engineering is born to answer the typical questions that companies face when they work in engineering:

  • How do I improve my product?
  • How do I develop a solution?
  • How do I fix a problem?
  • How do I perform this measurement or this event?
  • How can I make increase my product ‘s appeal?

For these and many other questions that require engineering skills and experience in Trouble Shooting and measurements, FAMA Engineering is the answer.

Who founds FAMA Engineering?

FAMA Engineering s.r.l. was born in January 2016, from the idea of ​two brothers, Fausto and Mario, mechanical engineers, combining, in perfect synergy, their professional experiences and skills.

Which are the group divisions and what do they do?


General Engineering Department that deals with analyzing, designing and proposing engineering solutions of various kinds. Areas of interest span across all fields where FAMA is competent with the broadest understanding of the contents and concerns of the Mechanical, Electronics and Measurement sectors.


A division with the collaboration of specialized technicians with proven experience, able to design, realize and modify sensors and complete systems to measure almost all physical quantities of interest.


Distribution and realization with direct representation or through the partnership with LEANE and CAPIT, a wide range of signal sensors and conditioners, covering almost all measurement requirements in Industrial, NVH, Motorsport. Distribution of Data Acquisition Systems and related accessories to complete the measurement chains.


Department that can provide specific technical advice on all the issues involved in automotive competitions. Comprehensive consulting, support for any problem, design, track management, choice and installation of sensors, data analysis, preparation of dedicated spreadsheets, simulations, and more.

What kind of services does FAMA Engineering provide?

The main services provided by FAMA Engineering are mainly focused on the following topics:

  • Engineering
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • NVH
  • Data Acquisition
  • Mechanical Design
  • Thermodynamic Consultancy
  • Design
  • Industry 4.0

The main target of all the services FAMA Engineering provides to its customers is to address and solve all the problems by solving all the needs through the provision of a complete service ranging from consulting, to support, software development and hardware rapid prototyping, from testing to validation, to provide turnkey service, with a tailor-made solution for each customer.

What are the benefits of collaborating with FAMA Engineering?

The ability to have the expertise and expertise of a team of experts able to provide the right answers to any customer’s needs or requests. Through measurement campaigns, mathematical modeling, customized design solutions. This support allows to FAMA Engineering customers to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors on the market.

How does FAMA Engineering work?

FAMA Engineering approaches its customers’ demands by becoming a key strategic partner to address all market technological and commercial demands.

In what market areas does FAMA Engineering work?

FAMA Enginnering works in the following market areas

  • Automotive
  • Industry
  • Transportation
  • Motorsport
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics