Strain Gauge & Load Cell CAN Amplifier

The Izze-FAMA Motorsport 24-Bit ADC-to-CAN Amplifier is designed to measure the voltage signal from a strain gauge or load cell with class-leading precision & ultra-low noise, and outputs the raw voltage, temperature, and user-calibrated output with advanced temperature compensation via CAN.
The amplifier measure’s differential voltages with a resolution of 1µV and RMS noise of only ±750nV at a sampling frequency of 100Hz. The differential voltage and temperature is broadcasted via CAN but it may also be programmed to simultaneously transmit a calibrated output (convert voltage to strain/force) with linear or advanced tabular temperature compensation.

Differential Voltage Measurement Range, ∆V: ±32 mV
Maximum Differential Voltage, ∆Vmax: ±5.0 V
Resolution: 1 µV
Accuracy: ±60 µV
“RMS Noise : ±6 µV at 800Hz
(For 350Ω full-bridge strain gauge) ±750 nV at 100Hz

Supply Voltage, Vs: 5 to 8 V
Supply Current, Is (typ): 34 mA
Weight (excluding wiring harness): 19 g
L x W x H (max): 54 x 22 x 6 mm
Protection Rating: IP66
Operating Temperature Range, Tp: -40 to 85˚C

Data Sheet

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