Gyroscope Texense 3-Axis Model GYRN3-S

Analog triple axis gyroscope

Cutting edge 3 axis gyro, allows the vehicle dynamic analysis through the 3 angular speeds – Yaw, Pitch and Roll. MEMS technology for a top level of for accuracy, reliability and size. Temperature compensation up to 105°C enables the sensor to be used in extreme conditions. Customizable range of each gyros axes. Example: 50°/s for pitch, 100°/s for Yaw and 150°/s for the Roll.

Ranges available: ±50 °/s
±100 °/s
±150 °/s
Sensitivity: 40, 20, 13.3 mV/°/s
Cut Frequency: 40 Hz
Power Supply: 5-16 Vdc
Supply current: 16 mA
Output: 0-5 Vdc
Dimensions: 30×21.5×11 mm
Weight: 30 g
Temperature range: -20°C to 105°C

Data Sheet

PDF Data Sheet

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