The most versatile data acquisition system based on USB and EtherCAT standards. Cutting-edge technology for every kind of signal and transducer.

The SIRIUS data scquisition system is designed to be flexible, modular, fully configurable and safe. Minimizing any error possibility, also thanking TEDS technology.
SIRIUS is suitable for a wide range of configuration. Every single module has from 1 to 16 analogue and digital channels. Moreover all the modules can be connected
in daisy-chain systems, scalable up to several hundreds of channels.
The wide variety of signal conditioning are able to deal with Voltage up to 1.000 V, Current, Digital, LVDT, Thermocouples and many more.
Hardware uses DualCoreADC®, SUPERCOUNTERS®, and high Voltage input modules (up to 1.000 V).
And the DEWESOFT data acquisition and data analysis software working together with the DEWESOFT hardware is yearly updated for free making the SIRIUS
solution very flexible and suitable for the most measurement tests and applications.

Input Channels: from 4 up to 128 channels
Input technologies: Analog, Digital, Thermocouple, LVDT, Wheatstone Bridges, etc.
CanBus: from 1 up to 9 (R/W)
A/D Technology: DualCore 24 bit
Dynamic range: 160 dB
Sampling Rate: up to 1 MHz
Interface: USB, EtherCAT
Temperature Range: da -10°C a +50°C
Protection Grade: IP65

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