Single-axis gyroscope range ±100 deg/s

Compact single-axial gyroscope with very high stability, thanks to the very low drift that it is characterized. Compact dimensions, combined with temperature compensation up to +85 ° C, allow you to analyze and study the dynamic behavior of any vehicle or airplane. The aluminium case makes it very easy to use and install the gyroscope even under the toughest conditions. The gyroscope is ideal for vehicle dynamics measurements using its ±100 deg/s range and frequency range up to 100 Hz.

Range: ±100 deg/s
Accuracy max (typ.): ±3% (±1%)
Sensitivity: 20 mV/deg/s
Frequency Range: 0-100 Hz
Output: 2,5 V ±2 V
Power Supply (V): 5,25-12 VDC
Power Supply (A): <50 mA
Connector: D-sub 9 pins, pig tails or custom
Working Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Dimensions: 51 x 51 x 27 mm

Data Sheet

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