WTS Wireless torque sensor

WTS Wireless torque sensor

The new WTS (Wireless Torque Sensor) measures driveshaft or axle torque on racecar applications such as single seater and sports cars. The system includes:

-WTS (Wireless Torque Sensor) module which is an assembly of strain gauge + strain gauge amplifier + transmitter + battery into a two-part housing. The WTS (Wireless Torque Sensor) clamps around the shaft and turns with it.
-GenWM is the receiver installed in the car to collect the data from the WTS (Wireless Torque Sensor). This module provides a CAN output.

Different frequencies are available and the unit is programmable via our CAN: 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 50 Hz or 100 Hz. With one GenWM receiver you can collect data from two WTS (Wireless Torque Sensor) modules transmitting at up to 100 Hz. The new WTS (Wireless Torque Sensor) housing design adapts to different shaft diameters, the minimum shaft diameter is 24mm.

Resolution: 0.1 Nm or 1 Nm
Sampling frequency: from to 20 to 100 Hz
Temperature range: -20°C to 85°C
Temperature Accuracy: 1°C
Frequency transmission: 868/902/920 MHz
Weight (with battery): 170 g

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