Conductive plastic angular potentiometer

The Rotary Conductive Position Transducer is mounted in housings manufactured from Torlon (high grade temperature resistant plastic) or aluminum.
The body fixings are in the form of elongated slots which allow simplicity in mounting. The shafts are stainless steel and are available in conventional 6mm diameter round form or fitted with our special backlash free push on coupling which ensures extremely quick and simple installation.
The Rotary Conductive Position Transducer is sealed so as to be insensitive to either dirt or dampness. The range or electrical angles offered are suitable for monitoring most steering, engine management or gearbox functions.

Measuring Range: 100° to 350°
Single output channel
Temperature range: -40 to 150°C
Analog output: 5%-95% Ratiometric
No-contact, Hall-effect technology
Wear free – unlimited mechanical life
Simple mounting, low-profile design
Up to 42V power supply
Sealing up to IP67

Data Sheet

PDF Data Sheet

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