FAMA Engineering is on the market as a strategic partner for its customers, proposing itself as Solution Maker for the different demands coming from the market. Often the questions, needs or developments of a customer or even of the market cannot be solved by providing only a sensor or a standard acquisition system. But they need a non-standard solution. A sensor with special features, a miniaturized acquisition system, a tailor-made data processing. And much more.

FAMA Engineering is the sum of this: combining the skills of its engineers, coupled with technical and commercial partnerships with well-established brands, along with the flexibility of the structure and the deep knowledge of the market, allows to address and solve situations where others stop. The applications to be solved, the sensors to be used or developed, the analyzes to be performed have as their limit only the “imagination” of the customers and the needs of the market. But in any case, FAMA Engineering is always present beside its customers.

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