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Maximize Visibility Through Zebra’s End-To-End Solutions

As the global leader in RFID technologies, Zebra delivers the largest number of in-stock, on-demand RFID printing supplies, featuring the newest generation of RFID chips to support faster tag inventory and longer read ranges.
Zebra RFID solutions can benefit every vertical segment by providing the real-time visibility you need to streamline operations, minimize errors in asset-related data, as well as track, identify and maximize asset utilization. And only Zebra provides everything you need to implement RFID in your organization.
With Zebra’s RFID label manufacturing capabilities, Zebra offers end-to-end RFID solution semplicity-carefully pre-tested supplies; access to a broad portfolio of Zebra RFID printers and readers; and the industry-leading expertise to customize how you maximize the benefits of RFID for your enterprise.

Products portfolio:
-Fixed Readers
-Handheld Readers


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